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JSP Helmet Mounted Ear Protection

JSP Sonis 1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders SNR 26

The JSP range of helmet mounted ear defenders / hearing protection has been designed to work perfectly with JSP miners helmets; Sonis - EVOLite, EVO2, EVO3, EVO5 / InterEX & InterGP - EVOLite, EVO2, EVO3).

The InterEX / InterGP range provides protection between SNR 25 and SNR 29; with the Sonis range covering SNR 26 to SNR 36.

Designed to provide both performance and comfort for extended periods of use. The Sonis range also features traffic light colour identification for protection levels.


Model Features
Sonis 1 Helmet mounted SNR 26
Sonis Compact Helmet mounted SNR 31
Sonis 3 Helmet mounted SNR 36
InterEX Helmet mounted SNR 29
InterEXV Helmet mounted SNR 29 extra visibility
InterGP Helmet mounted SNR 25
InterGPV Helmet mounted SNR 25 extra visibility

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